For professionals in exclusive tourism…

Are you a travel agency? Do you need a partner?

At Slow Food, Art, and Travel, we are retail providers of cultural and recreational activities. This means that we do not offer accommodation or transport to our customers. Our role is clear and unique: we take charge of organizing high-quality experiences and active workshops for our own customers and professionals in the sector who need partners for the leisure time in their package tours or travel planning.

If you are looking for a bespoke experience for your customers, then we are the answer. In addition to offering the programs on our website, we design bespoke activities, events, and workshops for travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, and incentive travel companies looking for slow travel experiences for their customers. We are experts in designing and organizing cultural and leisure events and activities, listening to our customers’ needs, and personalizing the activities to be developed, in order to provide a unique experience and connect their customers with the location they are visiting. Tell us your idea and we will develop a proposal.

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