Rescheduling to routine when coming home after travelling may be tough, causing stress and anxiety. The post-vacation blues or post-vacation depression syndrome is the name given to the emotional issues some people suffer after returning to a normal routine from a vacation time. However, there are many activities that can help to face the post-travel depression, like a spa visit or a stress relief treatment.

Stress relief therapies relax your body by activating your organism. The side effects produce positive muscular, biological, metabolic and psychological stimulus. Besides, this kind of therapies only need to use a natural raw material and a relaxing atmosphere.

What types of treatment does exist?

The most demanded therapy is the hydrotherapy, with a large variety of options. This treatment uses water combining different temperatures and water jets, under-water massages, thermal baths, or jacuzzies to relief the pain and relax the body.

Another treatment is the seaweed wrap treatment. The seaweed wrap therapies are beneficial for skin detox, toning and hydration. The first step is a cleaning peeling to open the pores. Then, cold and warm mud made of seaweed is applied all over the body to boost the sweating. The person covered by seaweed mud is wrapped with plastic to receive a draining massage that stimulates the blood circulation.

A similar therapy, the mud therapy, consists in covering your body with mud for 15 minutes. Mud or clay has the ability to relax and numb your body. By penetrating in your body, it eliminates toxins from your skin, relieving tension and inflammation.

Chocotherapy has become one of the most famous therapies in last years. It hydrates, nourishes and improves skin elasticity. Chocolate improves your mood thanks to the endorphins produced by cocoa, activating your brain function. It begins with skin peeling to continue with a chocolate massage. Then, the body is wrapped to enhance the nutrition absorption.

Another option to loosen your muscles and to set your mind free is a stress relief massage. It brings a comfort mood and an incredible state of clam all over your body. This type of massage helps your circulatory system delivering oxygen to every part of the body and eliminating tiredness and nuisance.

All these treatments combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise will help you to relax your muscles and relax your mind, creating a perfect stability to recover your energy before going back to routine. Visit our website to check our comfort and relax programs.