Would you like to be inspired by the location where Michelangelo worked?

Today we are going to talk about Pietrasanta, a magical place in the east coast of Italy and home of our active sculpture workshop EAT  |  CREATE  |  LOVE.

Pietrasanta, founded by Guiscardo da Pietrasanta in the mid-13th century, is the perfect place to find inspiration. Situated in the province of Lucca, Tuscany, Pietrasanta has earned the nickname of “little Athens.” This village, 1h away from Florence and 1 1/2h away from Genoa, is an international epicenter for marble, mainly due to its proximity with Carrara, but also for bronze as well. And we say “international epicenter” because in Pietrasanta is located Monte Altissimo, an entire mountain naturally made of marble, discovered by Michelangelo, thus starting the practice of extracting and working with the marble of this region, a tradition that is still present nowadays.

In Pietrasanta´s downtown, you can visit beautiful places like Torre delle Ore, the San Martino Cathedral, Sant’Agostino Church – both located in Plaza Duomo and full of treasured works -, the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio e San Biago Abate or the municipal theatre. Also, Museo dei Bozzetti “Pierluigi Gherardi” (where the works, and even the sketches, of the most well-known artists who lived and worked in Pietrasanta are exhibited), Favret Mosaici Artistici, Museo Virtuae della Scultura e dell’Architettura (MUsA) or Museo Casa Natale di Giosue Carducci are worth visiting.

In summer, the village reaches its maximum splendor due to the different art fairs and exhibitions celebrated, as well as to the performances in Villa Versiliana (Marina de Pietrasanta.) Furthermore, a few kilometers away from Pietrasanta there is a spa for visitors to relax. But if you prefer the sea, you can rent a bike and follow the lane that will guide you directly from the center of the village to Marina di Pietrasanta beach.

If you want to create your sculptures in the same places artists like Michaelangelo found inspiration, do not hesitate to join one of our experiences in the region of Tuscany. Find all the information here.