The province of Valladolid is one of the most important regions for Spanish winemaking. This is not only due to its production, which is indeed very fruitful, but also for its location. The richness of Duero river, as well as its surronding lands, produces wines of great quality and variety. Valladolid counts with nothing less than five wine appelations. Below, we will give you the keys to get acquainted with all of them:

Ribera del Duero

This is, without doubt, the most well known appelation of this beautiful province. Ribera del Duero counts with more than 280 wineries. Its production reached the appelation of origin 27 years ago. Among their finest wines, we may find Protos and Vega Sicilia. The grapevines in this region constitute the 2% of the total Spanish wine growing area. Ribera del Duero headquarters are located in Aranda del Duero and Roa. Its specialty is tempranillo, a black grape known for its bodied red wines.


Rueda is the oldest wine appellation in Castilla y León (1980) and it counts with more than 50 wineries. This region includes historical towns as Medina del Campo or Tordesillas. Even if wine producers have been elaborating high-quality red wines for more than a decade, they are better known for their white wine, which is produced with verdejo and which is now one of the most appreciated varieties in Spain.


In the West of Valladolid, we find the region of Toro which extends to Zamora. This region counts with more than 40 wineries, which have been entitled with the appellation of origin since 1987. Their specialties are vino joven, with short aging, and roble, aged in barrel.


Cigales is a small town located in Valladolid. Since 1991, its appellation of origin extends from Valladolid to Palencia. It is well-known for its rosé wine, considered a delicacy in the region. This wine is elaborated from a mix of white and black grapes.

Tierra de León

This region is located in the South of León and it constitutes an appellation of origin since 2007. However, Tierra de León has been well-known for its quality since the 80s. There are now more than 30 wineries in this region and it is characterized for the highest standards in the elaboration of red and white wines.

If you want to taste and get to know the best wines in the province of Valladolid while you enjoy a unique experience, join us. You will discover the best flavors and most beautiful spots in this spectacular province.